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Bulletproof K-9 Vests Talos Ballistics is committed to providing the latest in NIJ IIIA bulletproof clothing, bulletproof backpacks, bulletproof inserts and panels, bulletproof vest, covert body armor, tactical gear and custom NIJ IIIA bulletproof solutions for people and animals in need of unfaltering personal protection.

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k-9 Ballistic Vest. K-9 Vest. The K-9 Operations Vest is fully adjustable and may be deployed for searches, tracking extractions and more.

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Survival Armor K9 Vest. Protect your K9 Partner with the Survival Armor K9 Dog Vest. This vest is designed to allow freedom of movement, so not to hinder the mission at hand. Just like any other officer the canine officer has a job to do and must be ready to go at a moment's notice.

K9 Zeke - Lakewood CO Police Department ⋆ Hero K9

A ballistic vest protects against standard-issue caliber rounds for common guns. The vest is inserted into a carrier made of a rip-stop material that helps to deflect punctures as well. This vest provides the same level of protection that the human counterparts of these K9s are required to wear for their job.

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K9 bulletproof vests have greatly improved in form and function and are made with modern materials that are far more breathable and lightweight than earlier versions of this type of protective equipment. When your dog is fitted for their vest, they are measured at four points to ensure the most accurate fit possible. These points are the neck ...

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K9 Arko's handler, Carl, shares his insight on his partner's custom-fit ballistic vest. Learn more about the amazing protection that we, with the help of our...

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These vests are very expensive, at the cost of $1,200. Line Of Fire Defence is kind enough to give me the Law Enforcement cost which allows me to donate more. Even though the vests are costly it is a very important tool all K9's should have. I work directly with the manufacturer who has an innovative ballistic vest that is top of the line.

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K9 Krijger Ballistic Vest Campaign. $ 5.00. Help Honor the life of a fallen K9 and donate to the K9 Krijger Ballistic Vest Campaign. This fund will help equip our working dogs with a Ballistic Vest, one that would have saved K9 Krijger's life. K9 Krijger gave his all to keep us safe, without hesitation.

Tactical Armoured K9 Vest - Lightweight and Mobile

PRotecting k-9's in LE & MILITARY. The LOF K9 StreetFighter Vest is a soft body armour protective vest for your K9 companion. This protective vest is specially designed to be lightweight and mobile while also protecting the K9's vital organs without them becoming exhausted from excessive heat and weight.


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K9 Vests (Ballistic and Stab) Our K-9 One™ Vest is the #1 selling K-9 Vest in the United States and is the official vest of the original Vest-a-Dog™ program. International Armor is the original designer of the K-9 Vest. In the early 1990s, we worked closely with K-9 handlers to perfect a design that provided maximum protection and ...

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Nonprofit Organizations Donate Police K9 Bulletproof Vests. Unfortunately, like any dangerous job, K9 work can come at a cost. In 2018, 28 K9s lost their lives in the line of duty, including 10 from gunfire and two from assaults. One K9 bulletproof vest typically costs $1,000 and can run up to $3,000, depending on customizations.

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A K9 bulletproof vest can cost $1,000 to $1,500 — and that's why the Alaska K9 Center in North Pole is working with the nonprofit group, Vested Interest in K9s.

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Apr 2011 - Jun 20209 years 3 months. Bratislava, Slovakia. - hardware and software development for robotics applications. - robotics controll systems, automatisation. - digital measurement systems. - aviation (unmanned aerial vehicles) - telemetry solutions, remote controll systems. - network solutions. - embedded solutions.

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K9 ballistic (protective) vests provided by Project Paws Alive are both bullet and stab-resistant. These vests are cut from the same Kevlar® bulletproof cloth as their human partners, covering all the vital organs. Each body armor vest donated by Project Paws Alive is custom manufactured to fit the specific body shape of each individual K9.

BulletBlocker | Bulletproof K9 Standard Body Armor Vest

Our K-9 Shadow Vest keeps man's best friend safe from harm while in the line of duty. Utilizing the latest DuPont™ Kevlar® technologies, the NIJ IIIA ballistic panels in this vest are lightweight, durable, and provide the highest level of bulletproof protection available in soft body armor.

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🚨 K9s Dennis & Turbo Need Ballistic Vests 🚨. You have heard the expression "K9s lead the way" many times over. And quite frankly, it is a very true statement. When we think about situations in which a K9 is utilized, they are usually the first ones going in ahead of human officers.

Paladin - Survival Armor

Paladin. Top-of-the-Line ballistic armor package. Extremely light weight, wearable, along with exceptional ballistic performance, makes the Paladin the top choice for comfort and ballistic performance. NIJ 0101.06 Certified. Available in both Male and Structured Packages. Made of Aramid and Polyethylene materials.

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So far, the department has raised at least $1,200 to cover the cost of the vest, according to Sgt. Nick Turner, who oversees the K-9 program. Generally canine ballistic vests …

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k-9 Ballistic Vest. K-9 Vest. The K-9 Operations Vest is fully adjustable and may be deployed for searches, tracking extractions and more.

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BULLETPROOF IT, LLC NIJ Level IIIA Ballistic K-9 Vest.Developed specifically for Military and Law Enforcement K-9 handlers, is designed to protect the vital organs of your canine from any danger. Built-in D-ring hookups on the top and the rear of the vest give you the control you need when used with snap leashes. K9 picture is of a 65 lbs Belgian Malinois, wearing a L/XL Vest in Tan.

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Until recently she was the only one of the department's three working dogs that did not have a ballistic vest. A good K-9 ballistic vest can cost hundreds of dollars. To ensure that Angel was protected while doing her job, the Casa Grande Alliance wrote a grant request for funding for a vest through the Cenpatico Community Reinvestment funds ...

CaliberDog K9 Tactical Ballistic Vest Level III-A

The CaliberDog K9 Tactical Ballistic Vest is a Level III-A vest for the protection of the dog's vital organs from gunfire. This vest is made from a ballistic basket weave fabric on the outside and backed with nylon. The insert can be removed from the vest so the vest can be worn as a regular identification non-life threatening vest.

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Stealth Fighter K-9 ballistic vest - Medium-Elite K-9

Stealth Fighter K9 Level IIIA Ballistic Vest - Size Medium. The Stealth Fighter K-9 Ballistic Vest offers the highest, soft body armour protection available at a Level 3A. This k-9 vest was designed to be worn at all times while on patrol and offer maximum mobility while protecting major vital organs.

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Vested Interest in K9s, Inc. is a 501c(3) non-profit whose mission is to provide bullet and stab-protective vests and other assistance to dogs of law enforcement and related agencies throughout the country. Since 2009, our organization has donated: More than 4,415 K9 ballistic vests; 1,800 K9 …

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This vest will also stay in Afghanistan once the K9 is completed with their mission to help other dogs stationed in this very dangerous area." "In 2018, Brady had bought every Ohio State Trooper K9 who did not have a ballistic vest issued to them—32 dogs. in 2019, Brady vested all of the Ohio State Wildlife K9's—team of 5.

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SFC Tactical K9 Unit. 2,975 likes · 5 talking about this. SFC Tactical K9 Unit will hopefully be operational soon. In the meantime, please page through and add, share, like or comment.

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Bulletproof Zone places your safety above all else. Bulletproof Zone offers a top range of body armor such as bulletproof vests, plate carriers, bulletproof clothing as well as bulletproof backpacks, and other safety tactical gear. Bulletproof Zone has great prices, wide selection, top …

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K9 Ballistic Vests Fund is supporting K9 Ballistic Vests Fund. November 26, 2019 · This Holiday Season we are looking to raise at least $1500 to vest another working K9 All donations are tax deductible and very much appreciated lets break a record and double our fundraiser with your help we can get more working dogs protected with level 3 ...