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In those types of instances, things like Tactical Vests with Trauma Plates and Ballistic Helmets are in useā€”not exactly "walking down the street" gear. Alternatively, outside of heavy combat, a pistol in a belt holster (for a law enforcement character) or a shoulder holster (for Holdout) is more common, for the reasons @C.Ross highlighted.

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Nanoweave Tactical Vest + Trauma Plates: Torso, Groin Torso 24/10* +46 $900 +$600 9 +9 15 +3 2 10 Nanoweave Trousers: Groin, Legs 18/6* $280 3 15 3 10 Nanoweave Vest: Torso 18/6* $300 2 12 3 10 Space Armor: Full Suit 75 $20,000 45 3 2 11 Combat Hardsuit: Full Suit 100 $10,000 30 3 2 11 Heavy Clamshell: Torso 90

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Trauma Plates. Galls is here to keep you safe in high-risk situations that expose you to the threat of blunt trauma or bullet impact. Trauma plates come in several options, including steel construction for a hard shock plate, steel-polymer combination or titanium with a rubberized coating. Choose from Galls, Armor Express, PARACLETE and PACA.

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GURPS Combat Examples Combat Spreadsheet Downloads. General What is Roleplaying? My Campaigns Mudge (Fudge) Tidbits Random Gaming Tarot Roulette Game Room. Sniper Rifle, .338 (APHC)/Normal Clothing VS. Unarmed/Tactical Vest w/ Trauma Plates Ranged Combat - Example Four . Arthur Green. ST: 10 HP: 10 Size Modifier: 0 DX: 14 Will : 10 ...

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Ballistic IIIA Soft Armor . Product Distributor Price Product Code 200 pcs or more BALCS Cut Ballistic Panels Set. Small Medium, Large and X-Large Level IIIA, Heat Sealed Panels $378.00 OMT-BALCS-3A-(size) $359.10 Ballistic Trauma Pad 5''x8'' $32.00 OMT-TRAPAD $28.00 Tactical Medical Kits

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Say you have body armor with trauma plates. Call it DR 45, AB 6, Pad 5. Suppose you take an AK-47 round to the chest for maximum damage. None of it gets past the trauma plate's DR. So you are left with 37 points of crushing damage. Divide this by the AB of 6, representing how the trauma plate spreads out the impact over a much larger area. This

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Normally, ballistic vests are available upon issuance or purchase, at least one trauma plate insert- typically for concealable vests this is standard, depending on manufacturer. Most often than not, current bulletproof vest require purchase of the trauma plates as an option and with added costs due to the advanced nature of today's trauma plates.

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Sniper Rifle, .338/Normal Clothing VS. Unarmed/Tactical Vest w/ Trauma Plates Ranged Combat - Example Two ()Arthur Green

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Molotov Cocktails - With human body being somewhat solid, and tactical armor usually being solid due to presence of plates, shattering a Molotov cocktail produces unreliable 3d (5) burn attack (BS411) and 1d (5) burn follow up every second. One may argue that it burns the vest as much as the person, thus destroying the armor.