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WWII M40 Q64 German Army Helmet. Item H634: Exterior displays minimal wear with approx. 97% of the factory feldgrau paint remaining. Authentic and factory applied Heer adler decal is commensurate with the overall wear but rates slightly less at approx. 96%. Tight fitting liner system original to the helmet.

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The American M1 helmet and the German Stahlhelm can rightly be called the best helmets of the Second World War. M1 helmet. Unlike the Stahlhelm, which was made in several sizes, the M1 was made in one size. Thus, American factories simplified the production process and reduced the burden on military logistics systems.

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The helmet design stayed and was then adopted again in World War II where it was modified (M35, 40, 42) and produced throughout the war. The Stahlhelm was designed to resemble the sallet helmet, a type of war helmet worn by German, Italian, Hungary, and a few other northern and western European countries during the 15th century.

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Every army involved in WWI and WWII used helmets to protect their combat troops. We offer a large variety of reproduction helmets that will meet the needs of Re-enactors as well as collectors. From the iconic M-1 US combat helmet to the German stahlhelm with its distinctive appearance, each helmet is made from quality materials.

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SALE! Original German M40 WWII Type Steel Helmet- Finnish M40/55 Contract - Scratch & Dent. $49.95 $39.95. VIEW DETAILS. German WWII Helmet Liner Split Pin and Washer Set- M35, M40, M42. $7.95. VIEW DETAILS. German WWII M43 Cap in Field Grey Wool. $24.95.

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By the beginning of the WW2 a German Stahlhelm M35 was considered the best one in the world. It is worth noting that for the first two years after an M35 helmet was accepted for service, they produced 1 400 000 pieces of all sizes and about 1 000 000 pieces by the year of 1940, when an M35 model was replaced by M40.

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The M1 helmet is a combat helmet that was used by the American military from World War II until it was succeeded by the PASGT helmet beginning in 1985. For over forty years, the M1 was standard issue for the U.S. military and naval forces, and has become an icon of the American military, with its design inspiring other militaries around the world.

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WWI US "Dough Boy" Style M1917 Helmet. Reproduction of the US Model 1917 service helmet based on the British "Brodie" pattern helmet as used in the First World War. Commonly refereed to as the "Dough Boy" or "Tommy" helmet these reproductions are made of 18 gauge steel and feature a brown... MSRP: Now: $97.99.

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Details about VINTAGE World War II WW2 Military Helmet - Firestone Liner - w/ Front Insignia . ... Vintage Army Air Forces World War II Shoulder Sleeve Insignia Blue Round VTG. Pre-owned Pre-owned Pre-owned. $15.00 + $3.00 shipping + $3.00 shipping + $3.00 shipping.

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Since WWI, the German military helmet has always been a distinct icon--beginning with the Pickelhaube (spiked combat helmet) and transitioning to the various Stahlhelm variants of WWII. Both German and Allied military propaganda used the German helmet due to its instant recognizability. Although many WWI model helmets (M1916 - M1918) were ...

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WWI (World War 1) The Model 1917 U.S. Helmet During the fall of 1917 production was begun on the M-1917 helmets. By the end of November 1917, the first deliveries of large quantities of M-1917 helmets were being made to the United States Army. On 17 February 1918, approximately 700,000 M-1917 helmets had been produced. As…

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On occasion it will be updated with fine examples of helmets and militaria. *NEW HELMETS FOR SALE* WWII M42 ET66 German Luftwaffe Single Decal Helmet. WWII M35 Q64 German Waffen SS Double Decal Helmet. WW2 M35 ET62 German Luftwaffe Double Decal Helmet. WWII M42 EF66 German Waffen SS Single Decal Helmet. WWI M16 Bell L Size 64 German Camo Helmet

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The Casque Adrian modèle 1926 was used by the French and Belgian armed forces during the World War II.. The French and Belgian forces used the Adrian helmet in the Battle of France.After the French capitulation, Vichy France, the French Resistance and some units of the Free French Forces adopted it until 1951 in the French army and the 70s for the French police.

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world war two - fallen soldier and american flag background - army helmet stock illustrations green camouflage military helmet, machine gun, dog tags - army helmet stock illustrations world war ii propaganda poster of soldiers assaulting a beach with rifles. - army helmet stock illustrations

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Soviet helmet SSh40 was the main USSR helmet during the Second World War. We will tell you about this helmet and its previous versions (SSh36, SSh39) in this article. Soviet helmet SSh36. In 1920-1930s the Red Army used Adrian helmet purchased in France.


This section of the website covers helmets that were used by the Spanish Army during WWII. The Spanish helmet had a great deal of German influence because Germany equiped the Spanish armed forces during its civil war. The helmets from both countries are so similar that often times people believe that the Spanish helmet is a German helmet.

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Not everyone can directly experience the history of World War II, so we want to help people indirectly experience the war by offering high quality World War II helmets replicas of all the different armies during the war. Our helmets are great conversation starters and will look great in your home, office, or classroom. German WW2 Helmet's

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A World War II period helmet clearly showing the front seam. The M1 can boast of being the most successful combat helmet of all time, with a service history spanning forty years, from the early 1940s until the mid-1980s, when it was replaced in favour of the PASGT composite helmet, In fact the M1 was so successful as a helmet system that many countries chose to adopted it and even produce ...

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One of the more "unique" tropical helmets of the 20th century was the variation of the Dutch Model 1927 steel helmet. While many steel combat helmets were used in tropical regions during the Second World War, most were the basic helmet simply worn in that theater of operations.

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Answer (1 of 2): Original question: Why was the military helmet important in World War 2? Head injuries suck. Battlefields (and even exercises) are notoriously dangerous places, there's always a very likely possibility of getting bumped on the noggin. Modern military forces spend a lot of mone...

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After the M1 Helmet was adopted in 1941, the M-1 Steel Helmet became the symbol of US military forces and was used world-wide by all branches of the services for the duration of World War II, in Korea, and through the Vietnam War.

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The World War 2 German Kriegsmarine (German Navy) Administration Official's Pith Helmet is perhaps one of the rarest of all Pith Helmets. This particular example shows signs of strong use, but is complete and in tact, with all of the expected parts accessories, including the original large, silver washed, die stamped alloy construction national eagle.

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While little has been written about the American pressed fiber sun helmet, even less has been written about the versions used by Canada. According to our friend and colleague Clive Law the Canadian Army acquired the "fibre" helmets prior to the outbreak of the Second World War for summer training as a substitute for the more expensive and fragile Wolseley helmet.

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Original Item: Only One Available. This is a very good condition genuine World War II M1926 French Army Combat Engineer "Adrian" helmet. The helmet retains the original olive green paint and has the original RF (République Française) "Flaming Bomb" marked Infantry badge attached to the front. Condition of the shell is very good, with minimal dents and wear. The paint is well retained, with ...

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Pre World War 2 Spanish Civil War Fascist M42/79 Combat helmet. AU $85.00. 1 bid. AU $25.00 postage. Ending Wednesday at 11:00 AEST. 1d 6h.

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209USH3 - World War II U.S. Army M1 combat helmet with original field goggles. This complete helmet features its original pair of field goggles that were worn by the veteran in combat. There is a distinct outline of shading where the goggles have been for the past 65 plus years.

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Helmet Markings. Use of insignia and rank on helmets was quite varied and inconsistent during World War II. The task of applying such markings was usually given to soldiers with the most artistic talent, or simply given to low-ranking privates.

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The M-1 helmet was the standard issue combat headgear used by the United States military from 1941 until the late 1980's. We use original military issue steel shells and a mix of authentic and reproduction liners (depending on the model) to re-create the WWII versions of this classic helmet.

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Like the M1 helmet, if a WWII-era liner has post war parts, e.g., headband or nape strap, or chin straps they would need to be replaced to accurately represent a WWII liner. But unlike the helmet, this is much easier and does not require specialized tool, unless replacement of the suspension or repainting is needed..

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US Army World War II Fixed Bail M1 Helmet. Email . Price: $145.00 Description: This is an early fixed bail type helmet as used throughout the war. This helmet saw extensive service and is now missing the chin straps and was repainted at some point. A reasonably priced represent... Item #22549

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Take note, however, that this is just a replica of the World War 2 US Army Helmet. So no, it's not the real thing and there's definitely no reason to be upset that he shot an original. Also, the guy said it's not rare and expensive so we're all good. Besides, aside from replicas, you can easily find some rare collectibles on eBay ...

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Designed by Tito's partisan forces during World War II the Yugoslavian NE-44 helmet was first produced in 1952. It is typically found with the five-pointed on the front and remained in service through the Yugoslavian Civil Wars of the 1990s. (author's collection)